The original version of this website was written at the start of SlothMUD 4, after the player wipe of SlothMUD 3. The shift to the eight-class system from the previous four-class system had a lot of unknown gaps about what exactly could and couldn't be done. And of course, there have been some functionality changes, new features added, and new things for players to use. I'll keep the old version available, but my goal is to completely rewrite from the ground up. There's always value in retaining old information, especially on Sloth when older pieces of information may be the only way that someone figures out how to do an autoquest or enter an area.


Access the old guide.


Sloth 3 EQ List


One of the most important pieces of information a player can have is access to the old Sloth 3 equipment list. While a lot of things have changed or even completely removed, there's still a lot of good information that can be used by the wise player. Bear in mind that this is simply the old list - some things may have changed just their names, while others had their statistics completely altered, or even were removed completely. This is the case for *all* quest, weekly, and tourney equipment that may be listed. These won't exist in Sloth 4 normally. This was also a player maintained list, with all the information input manually. Errors may exist.


Sloth 3 Equipment List

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One of the most important things to know for SlothMUD is that of the MUD client. There are several options out there but the best two options are Wintin95 (for old school people) and Mudlet (for anybody new to scripting). Of course, there's always raw telnet as well (my interface of choice most of the time).
All information provided within this website is derived from mortal-based knowledge. Information is always subject to change, so if something no longer exists or works like it used to, learn the new way. No warranties are implied or expressed.