Nick Long's Chess Pages

The vast majority of visitors to this page simply come for the chess pages. I can't really blame them as it's what most of the time has been spent on over the past two decades. While I no longer play over the board (OTB), I still play occasionally on the internet. Perhaps not as much as I once did, though.

There's also a "lite" version of the chess pages. Basically, plain HTML.

Other websites of interest

The chess pages aren't the only websites that I've built and maintained over the past two decades. Nor is it my only interest. While the exact list may vary from year to year, there has always been something somewhere about books such as at Ephemeral Pursuits.

Movies have also been a passion of mine for several years. I may not have reviewed as many films over the years or built up as voluminous a catalog of reviews, but they are currently housed at Cinematically.

We can't really forget about food and drink. Stuff my Piehole and I'll be happy.